Kim Kardashian Talks Wedding Plans, The Engagement Surprise And Her White-hot Birthday Dress

PHOTOS: Inside Kardashian Inc. “She knew I was eventually gonna ask her to marry me, I just had to get that ring right,” West said of Kardashian. “I worked with four different jewelers. Three rings were made, only one actually hit the finger.” And choosing the perfect ring apparently came down to the wire, as the 36-year-old admitted to changing the dazzler just one night before his proposal.

A wedding is basically the one day in a woman’s life that is all hers, which is why most dudes sit back and relax and let their bride take the reins instead of diving too far into the planning stuff. More from The Stir: Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring Might Not Have Been Chosen by Kanye West If Kim lets Kanye take control over her big day, there’s going to come a point in time either during her vows or the ceremony where she’s going to think to herself, “Wait a minute … what the hell have I done? I let him take over the wedding, and now he’s going to expect to get his way with everything we go through as a married couple. How could I have been so stupid?” And aside from Kanye being way too comfortable with always getting his way — can you imagine how crazy over-the-top the wedding will be if Kim doesn’t reel him in a little bit?

Worst New Show: “Reign” “Reign” premieres Thurs., Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Worst New Show: “Back In the Game” “Back In the Game” premieres Wed., Sept. 25 at 8:30 p.m.

The E! star revealed that her white-hot birthday dress was also her incentive outfit while pregnant. “This is a designer from Paris, I honestly don’t know who, I forgot the designer, but I bought this when I was really, really pregnant and I thought I would never fit in it,” said Kim. “I thought, Why am I buying this?’ But I wanted this to be my incentiveI wanted to fit into this. So the fact that I’m fitting in to this on my birthday makes me really excited.” NEWS: Kim Kardashian talks Atkins diet and new mommy fashion Kim opened up about her engagement night (alsoher 33rd birthday)when beau Kanye West proposed to her at San Francisco’s AT&T Park with a fireworks show, full orchestra and 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond.

She was excited to see that her ankles had started slimming down, and also that her breasts were “ridic’, they are the size of huge cantaloupes.” Kardashian also opened up about fiance Kanye West ‘s decision to not be a part of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” life. “I’m still an open book and I still share my life but I guess you can’t expect everyone else to want to jump into a career that they just don’t want to be in,” she says. Also likely to annoy some people were Kardashian’s claims about giving birth. She dishes, “Labor was honestly the easiest thing ever. I did not feel one thing.

During the gig, Kim and Cheryl posed for a silly selfie, and of course they both posted the image to their Instagram pages immediately. Furthermore, Cole praised the man of the evening, tweeting, Kanye West is a genius #fact. Meanwhile, Kims sister Khloe turned out to be quite a fan of Cole- she wrote, I found a soul sister in @CherylCole tonight #Yeezus. Earlier this year, Cheryl reached out to Kim after she received criticism over her pregnancy weight gain. Cole tweeted, Just wanted to send you a tweet to say I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out. I can only imagine how tough it is to be heavily pregnant and feeling extremely vulnerable on top of some of the daily criticism you take! I admire your tenacity and send you my best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy. Kim replied, Your message really touched me!


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